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Gatsby scrapbook rubricConnecting Item

Bb Rubric Connecting the Rubric to an Item Rubrics can be associated with assignments SafeAssignments essay questions in tests discussionsblogs journals wikis and manually created gradebook columnsIt is recommended that you create your Rubric first and then connect it to the item This reduces therisk of a computer issue causing you to lose your workYou can add a grading Rubric to an item as you cr...

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Gatsby scrapbook rubricExperimentaldesign Rubric 2011 2011.pdf

ExperimentalDesign Rubric 2011 Experimental Design Rubric for B C 20111 Statement of problem 2 Points 8 Quantitative Data - Data Table 6 points Not a yes no question All raw data is given Independent and dependent variables included All data has units Problem is clearly testable Condensed table with most Response is written in a clear and concise manner important data included Table s labeled p...

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Gatsby scrapbook rubricCase Study Response Format Summer2008 Edf2030 study response ...008 edf2030.pdf

Weekly Online Discussions Rubric EDF 2030 Effective Classroom ManagementSummer 2008Dr Kelvin ThompsonCase Study Response FormatUse the generic prompt below as the basis for the case study response that you post each weekYou may go beyond this format but make sure that you include all of these components Youmay wish to copy-and-paste the prompt to use as headings in your case study response Hintbut...

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Gatsby scrapbook rubricSpanish Achievement Rubric For End Of 5th Early 7th Grade Report Card With Proficiencies

Microsoft Word - Spanish Achievement Rubric for end of 5th - early 7th Grade Report Card with proficiencies End of 5th - Early 7th Grade Spanish Achievement Rubric for Knollwood Report Card12 9 2010 1 07 PMPerformance Indicators Rubric3Listening Intermediate MidInterpretive Mode Follows oral directions without the necessity of additional support repetitionUnderstands spoken language visuals gestur...

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Gatsby scrapbook rubricK 2nd Gr Art Rubric Q1 4 Gr Art ...Rubric Q1-4.pdf

Third – Fifth Grade Art Rubric Kindergarten - Second Grade Art Rubric Quarters One-FourStandard Needs Strengthening Developing Secure ExemplaryStandard 1 Student is beginning to Student inconsistently Student consistently Student applies and extendsDesigns and produces demonstrate an demonstrates an demonstrates an concepts taught in the lessonartwork through drawing understanding of the underst...

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Gatsby scrapbook rubricHtml Project Rubric

Rubric HTML PROJECT Grading Rubric Name Item Pts Worth Pts EarnedHome PageNamed index htmlContains an appropriate title for the browser bar titleContains an appropriate title on the page using either an H1 tag or image and is centeredContains all required content50Contains numbered list and bullet listContains section titles using either H2 or H3 tagsContains a picture of student placed appropriat...

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Gatsby scrapbook rubricMaurine Adams3 Adams3.pdf

Maurine Adams Scrapbook Watkins 1945 108-160 Maurine Adams Scrapbook Watkins 1945 108-160Maurine Adams Scrapbook Watkins 1945 108-160Maurine Adams Scrapbook Watkins 1945 108-160Maurine Adams Scrapbook Watkins 1945 108-160......

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Gatsby scrapbook rubricSyllabus Rubrics

Microsoft Word - Behavior Rubric Freshman Focus Classroom Expectations Rubric with Mrs Gove and Mrs Walters 100Classroom ExpectationsCriteria Weight Exceptional Satisfactory UnsatisfactoryStudent is always on time and ready to Student is on time but needs extra time to Student is usually late and has difficulty settlingBeing on Time 10participate settle into class into classStudent brings all nee...

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Gatsby scrapbook rubricSelf Rating Rubric Rubric.pdf

Information Literacy Assignment Rating Scale Rubric Wor-Wic Community CollegeInformation Literacy Assignment Self-Rating Scale RubricPlease rate your skill for this assignment by checking the appropriate boxNeeds ImprovementUnsatisfactorySatisfactoryVery GoodN A1 2 3 4 51 I identify the nature and extent ofinformation needed2 I locate sources effectively andefficiently3 I evaluate information and ...

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Gatsby scrapbook rubricRubric

Your Rubric: Web Site Design : Usability Form Your Rubric Web Site Design Usability Form http rubistar 4teachers org index php screen CustomizeTemplRubiStar Rubric Made UsingRubiStar http rubistar 4teachers orgWeb Site Design Usability FormTeacher Name Eric SchultzStudent Name CATEGORY 4 - Best 3 - Proficient 2 - Partially Proficient 1 - Needs HelpNavigation Links for Links for Links for navigatio...

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Gatsby scrapbook rubricEnvironmental Issue Project Rubric Issue Project ...ject Rubric.pdf

Environmental Issue Project Rubric Environmental Issue Project Rubric Topic Name s Criteria Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4Basic Concept Students use few Students accurately Students accurately define Students accurately andaccurate details to explain their and explain their creatively explain theirexplain their environmental issue with environmental issue with environmental issue withenvironment...

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Gatsby scrapbook rubricPersuasive Essay Rubric2

Microsoft Word - Persuasive Essay Rubric AP Language and Composition Persuasive ArgumentPersuasive Essay Rubric 100 points Name20- 10- Precise and consistent demonstration of the writing skills learned in class Fulfills all of the requirements outlined in the essay Rubric Expresses18 9 ability to make inferences and applications to world outside of classroom environment17- 8 Correct demonstration ...

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Gatsby scrapbook rubricGm Persuasive Writing Rubric RUBRIC.pdf

Microsoft Word - 2009 Persuasive Writing Rubric.doc ENGLISH -2 MARKING Rubric PERSUASIVE WRITING IN CONTEXT Suggested time 40 to 50 minutesThe Persuasive Writing in Context assignment asks students to adopt and defend a position on a given issue Students are required toselect relevant information from the source material provided in the examination booklet and to integrate this information into th...

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Gatsby scrapbook rubricSpring 2012 Conference Schedule And Rubric 9

Spring 2012 Conference Schedule and Rubric Conference Schedule for Spring 2012 ENG 112 DL03Meeting Location DTC 326We have only 30 minutes so please be on timeMon 04 02 Tues 04 03 Wed 04 04 Fri 04 06 Sat 04 07Teaching schedule Teaching schedule Teaching scheduleprecludes meeting before precludes meeting before precludes meeting before3 30 3 30 3 301 30 Ellen2 00 Edgar2 30 Charles3 00 3 003 30 Mack...

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Gatsby scrapbook rubricEvaluationsummarymaster

UCO eLearning Evaluation Rubric - Online Hybrid Evaluation Scale January 3 2012 Evaluation Summary ReportEvaluation IDType of CourseTotal Score 105 00Status UCOnline QualityReport Type InitialEvaluation at a GlanceStatusSection Score WeightSection 1 - Required Information 20 00 20 00Section 2 - Course Site Design and Navigation 20 00 20 00Section 3 - Activities and Assignments 20 00 20 00Section 4...

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Gatsby scrapbook rubricFamily Member Project

Ma Famille Project 20 points Le fran ais 1 Madame Ziani W114 Date limite vendredi le 9 septembre 2011Language ObjectivesDemonstration of family member vocabulary proper usage of my nationalities names and agesRequirements Rubric on the backDesign and create a family member project illustrating at least nine family members pets too using newvocabulary and specified grammatical features expressions ...

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Gatsby scrapbook rubricEcc Correction Code

ECC World Languages writing Rubric SPAN 1411 1412 The Rubric codes types of errors For example if you wrote Sarah esta hablando thenumber 2 would appear under the word esta indicating that an accent mark is eithermissing misplaced or unnecessary You would then rewrite the sentence correctly i eSarah est hablando since in this case an accent mark is missing on the last letterof the word est1 a pers...

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Gatsby scrapbook rubricCommunications

Kids Friendly Rubric Communication CommunicationCommunication means how clearly I explain my mathematicalthinking using words pictures symbols and numbers appropriatelyOutstandingMy answer shows I understand everything about this problem andI have explained it completely5 My solution is organized so the reader can easily follow the stepsin my thinkingI know what most math words mean and I consiste...

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Gatsby scrapbook rubricScore Editorial Rubric

SCORE: Editorial Rubric SCORE Editorial Rubric 9 7 07 9 51 AMEditorial Rubric4 pointsThis editorial is written with an interesting lead to bring the reader into the storyThis story contains an abundant amount of background information about the issueThis article has a clearly stated opinion toward the beginning of the articleThis article contains at least 3 different but logical reasons for the st...

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Gatsby scrapbook rubricTuesappinventorprojectrubric V20131031

MIT App Inventor Project Rubric for TUES Mobile CT Draft October 31 2013 Page 1 Mark Sherman Fred Martin Larry Baldwin James DeFilippoIntroductionThe Rubric assumes that the person doing the scoring has background in computer science Some of the rows describe advanced ideas thatwould only be meaningful to someone with a priori knowledge in the field or knowledge acquired as a result of successfull...

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Gatsby scrapbook rubricAccounting

evaluation tool Rubric accounting Evaluation ToolsAccounting and Related ServicesSample Performance Assessment RubricA Rubric is a printed set of guidelines that distinguishes performances or products of different quality Arubric has descriptors that define what to look for at each level of performance Rubrics also often haveindicators providing specific examples or tell-tale signs of things to lo...

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Gatsby scrapbook rubricRubric Construction Guide3

Microsoft Word - Rubric construction Guide3.doc STEPSRubric Construction GuideI Choose a significant Measure a paper report presentation performance project activity 15 of total grade in courseII Write it outIII Examine it for the tasks it holds For example this assignmentWrite a report summarizing and critiquing the conclusions the objectivity authority currency and scope of threesignificant Webs...

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Gatsby scrapbook rubricEdmodo Rubric RUBRIC.pdf

EDMOTO Rubric EDMODO RUBRICThis Rubric will be used per quarterA test grade will be generated based on your participationA post can be a question a link or a comment that is relevant to our class discussionsYour required project assignment posts do not count as participation postsArea 25pts 15pts 5pts 0pts1 Student posts Student posts Student posts Student posts Student postsappropriately appropri...

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Gatsby scrapbook rubricGuitar Solo Performance Rubric Pdf

Guitar Solo Performance Rubric Guitar Performance Rubric Name Period Notation5 All notes are accurate and played with confidence4 Most notes are accurate3 Several notes are not accurate2 Many notes are not accurate1 Most notes are not accurateRhythm5 All rhythms are precise with a constant steady beat4 Most rhythms are precise beat changes occasionally3 Most rhythms are precise a few pauses2 Sever...

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Gatsby scrapbook rubricAncient Egypt Project Rubric

Ancient Egypt Project Rubric Egypt Project Rubric Name s 16-20 11-15 6-10 1-5Student presents Student presents Audience has Audience cannotinformation in a information in difficulty following understandlogical clear logical sequence presentation presentationOrganization interesting which audience because student because there issequence which can follow jumps around no sequence ofaudience can info...

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Gatsby scrapbook rubricGuitar Rubric

Spring 2007 Guitar Rubric.xls Student Name Baker University Major RepertoireApplied Lesson Achievement Level Jury Music Department SecondarySr Recital Guitar Performance Rubric Minor DATE Fall 2008 Non-MajorRating Tone Quality Expression Musicality Left Hand Technique Right Hand Technique Note Accuracy Rhythmic AccuracyAll aspects of musical Superior use of slurs The right hand is Technical Prec...

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Gatsby scrapbook rubricRubric Description Directions

Microsoft Word - Rubric Description & Directions.doc Directions for Completing the Sustainable Jersey Green Team Rubric1 Fill out the date and contact information on page one2 Review the Rubric and determine your score for each Foundations for Green Team Success3 Total your scores and see where you fall in the Rubric Scoring4 Most importantly look at the description of each Striving for Success or...

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Gatsby scrapbook rubricRubric

Microsoft Word - Manufacturing Project Rubric Manufacturing Project RubricMastery of this content will be met with a score of 90 100This Rubric has been created to assess the understanding of the manufacturingsystem when used in a marble tic- tac- toe project This project will test the student sability to operate machinery in the technology labUnsatisfactory Basic Proficient Totals0- 10 points 11-...

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Gatsby scrapbook rubricRubric For Drama Scene 2

Rubric for drama scene (2).xls Name Scene Rubric 1 2 6C 1 1 2 8C 1 1 2 2C 2 1 2 4C 2 1 2 6C 21 2 8C 2 1 2 12C 4 1 2 6C 5 1 2 8C 3Categories 5 4 3 2 1Excellent utilization of class Above average utilization of class Average utilization of class Below average utilization of class Poor utilization of classPreparation rehearsal time and resources rehearsal time and resources rehearsal time and resour...

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Gatsby scrapbook rubricRubric Measuring Progress Sj Final

Microsoft Word - Rubric MeasuringProgresssjfinal.doc DDIC - Rubric for Measuring Data Use ProgressMethodology 1 2 3 4 5Does not use LDS Uses only available Uses only LDS data Uses LDS and all Uses LDS and allData Inference and all available schoolwide data to to accurately available data to available data todata to accurately accurately identify identify goals and accurately identify accurately id...

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