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Preprimer running recordsUserunningrecordsinformteaching

Using Running Records to Inform Using Running Records to Inform TeachingUse the time immediately after administering Running record to teach your student Ask yourselfWhat is the most important teaching point that can help this student progress right nowIf you identify similar reading difficulties or patterns amongst two or more students thenaddress the issue in small or large group settingsWhat I ...

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Preprimer running recordsMastroadrecords

BCA Masters Road Running Records Including all Records set in 2012WOMENDistance Category First Name Last Name Venue Date Timemile 40-44 Erna Kozak 07 01 87 4 38 6mile 45-49 Debbie Collum Mundy Park 05 23 98 5 16mile 50-54 Kimberly Maxwell 06 12 88 6 04 5mile 55-59 Jean Cleator 6 20 6mile 60-64 Rosamund Dashwood 06 09 89 6 41 6mile 65-69 Hazel Cameron Maple Ridge 05 01 93 7 24mile 70-74 Ivy Granstr...

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Preprimer running recordsLadies10

RR Records LAMINATED.xls EASTERN PROVINCE ROAD Running Records AS AT 30 03 2014LADIES 10KMCATEGORY NAME TIME EVENT YEAR CITYSENIOR LADIES Treloar Childs 0 34 34 1990 PEJUNIOR LADIES Gerda-Marie Theron 0 37 50 2006 PELADIES 40 - 49 Treloar Childs 0 36 21 NPA 2004 PELADIES 50 - 59 Margie Saunders 0 39 56 Algoa 2003 PELADIES 60 Margie Saunders 0 41 58 Alphapharm 2013 PE......

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Preprimer running recordsTaking A Running Record

taking-a-Running-record Professional AcknowledgementThe theory and support material below on how to conduct Running Records was inspired by thework of Marie M ClayRunning Record What are theyRunning Records are a quick and easy assessment of reading behaviour They are taken orally on atext read by a child A Running record reflects reading behaviour whether it is obvious or subtleOnce a Running Rec...

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Preprimer running recordsAudacity

Audacity - Running Records.cwk Using Audacity to Record Running RecordsSetting Up to Record Using the Built-In Microphone1 Go to the Apple menu andchoose System Preferences 3 Click the Input tab andchoose Internal Microphone2 Choose SoundDrag the Input Volume adjusterall the way to the rightRecording A Running Record1 Open Audacity 2 Make sure your Input Volume 3 To begin recording clickis set all...

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Preprimer running recordsTeam 1 Term 4 English Planner Website

ctions-Conference notes -Running Records -Reflection and discussion small and whole class groups-Anecdotal notesOther ResourcesWrite Ways First Steps Spelling K-8 Snowball and Bolton Craft Lessons- Teaching Writing K-8 Fletcher and Portalupi Teaching Phonics in Context Hornsby and WilsonTeaching and Learning SequenceWriting Spelling Reading and Viewing Speaking ListeningPoetry - rhyme rhythm descr

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Preprimer running recordsStudent Led Conf Parent Guide 1 ...ent guide_1.pdf

2 years 30 months and 3 years atschoolThis reporting is in line with the structure of the National Standards for a child s first3 years at schoolStudent led Conferences whole schoolTerm 1 Monday 7th and Tuesday 8th AprilTerm 3 Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th AugustYou will be advised through the school newsletter how to go aboutbooking your conference timeAt Te Kauwhata Primary School we believe the pa

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Preprimer running recordsIssue15july162012

s series we willBobb looked at two competingexplore the hurdlesathletes Dave Solberg whowe have to overcome to reach our goalheld world Running Records locallyin Christand Rick GeorgeEach message is introduced with a video who definitelyand drama featuring Aaron Conant as has a shapeSir Aaron Conant Doyle a British Of course thesports announcer for the summer Olym- expectation waspics Paul Bobb pl

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Preprimer running records670

ll accelerate the reading rateand general reading ability of a student with a cognitive disability who continues to struggle withreading at the high school level Data include Running Records a high frequency word monitorand a tally of sight word exposures during the intervention Steady growth was shown in one-minute Running Records rate and sight word recognitionData Collection Methods ASSESSMENT

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Preprimer running recordsReport Card Matrix 2013 2014 2

on Reading Assessment If thestudent does not meet standard on Reading Assessment then mark YES forQualifies for Reading Assistance Mark No under Qualifies for ReadingAssistance if the student meets grade level standards4 31 20144 31 2014First Nine WeeksMet Standard on Reading Assessment CriteriaKindergarten First Grade Second GradeIn order for the classroom In order for the classroom In order for

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Preprimer running recordsList Of Reading Behaviors A Tool For Guided Reading Mi...ded Reading.pdf

e if they are ready tomove to the next level Please keep in mind that some readinga-z com levels do not exactly correlate toTRC Fountas and Pinnell levels We have listed books that align to the TRC Fountas and Pinnell levelsfor consistency and have included a correlation chart for your referenceTwo suggestions for using this documentLesson Planning Tool Primarily this document serves as a planning

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Preprimer running recordsFrankie King Gartner Friends Make Things Better Random Acts ACTS/Frankie_King_Gartner...Random_Acts.pdf

OPP is a 501 c 3 Non-profit Donations Greatly AppreciatedFrankie King GartnerHe took a deep breath and said OK2014His teacher replied It means soon Gussin Paley was a pro at this Frankie King GartnerHe said still crying What does THAT mean time Amazing the results Author Vivian Friends make things betterAt 10 45 down everything the kids say and do in realShe was Running out of ideas and said to hi...

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Preprimer running recordsSupt Public Report 8 31 2011 Public Report 8_31...t 8_31_2011.pdf

ot fail the subject but were recommended by teachers and administrators foradditional academic support A new Literacy Academy provided an intense research-basedfour hour literacy experience for identified students who read multiple levels below theirtarget reading level These classes were facilitated by teachers with specialized training inbest practices in literacy A High School Credit Completion

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Preprimer running recordsMrs Strayerdisclosure

t readingbehaviors I conduct daily Running Records and administer informal reading inventories andassessments DRA and DIBLES throughout the year I will administer the CRT s withaccommodation specified in the IEP in the spring to track the progress of the students Iincorporate elements of the school district s literacy program from Harcourt SchoolStorytown Publications 2008 into my Language Arts cu

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Preprimer running recordsPdf E

team member runs on a particular day that team member should run for the entire day That isrunner exchanges are only possible at the beginning of each dayl Each of the N runners on a team should run for at least one day but at most three daysl If a runner participates in Running for a day or for a sequence of days and then is switched withanother runner he she cannot participate in the marathon a

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Preprimer running recordsThe Clay List Clay List.pdf

incorporates six tasks Letter Identification Running Records Word Reading Concepts About PrintWriting Vocabulary Hearing and Recording Sounds in WordsAn Observation Survey of Early Literacy Achievement was developed for and is still widely used around the world byclassroom and specialist teachers as well as researchersIn 2012 following a rigorous two-stage review process An Observation Survey of

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Preprimer running recordsWhoare Ts

carf by Sally ChambersEggs Eggs Eggs by Jill EggletonProcedureThe pre and post testing tools used for this study were the Spontaneous and Cued Retelling adaptedfrom John Munro 2011 notes and the Reading Progress Test Marion M de Lemos 1996The text selected for the Spontaneous and Cued Retelling was based on ensuring all the participatingstudents were able to read the text independently with approx

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Preprimer running recordsUpdated Portfolio Coversheet Portfo... Coversheet.pdf

st form5 Narrative attach Portfolio Narrative formParent Participation If the parent guardian is not in attendance attach Parent Consultation Form6 Parent supports student reclassification from ELL programoptionalOther Portfolio Samples optional may include checklists anecdotal Records Running Records etcStudent demonstrates grade level appropriate academic EnglishReclassification approved by Dat

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Preprimer running recordsSitelp

et the individual needs ofstudents Implement agreed data collection scheduleStudents are more engaged in Implement current research in Literacy practicestheir learning when theircurriculum is innovative Attendance Behaviour Learning Improve student attendance in line with state goalschallenging rigorous relevant to of 93 attendance by the end of 2014their life experiences connected Our focus is to

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Preprimer running recordsEdu 695 Proposition 4 Artifact 2a Meeting Student Literacy Challenges Case Study

nstrate understanding Robert began 5th grade reading at the transitional independentreading stage of grade level 3 11 What growth would you expect to see from your student as a result of the interventions from part BIntervention strategies that I used for Robert in this case study were outlined in Part B andinclude a lot of fluency modeling in my small group reading instruction by reading aloud us

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Preprimer running recordsHealthcarebrochurefinal

HealthCareBrochureFinal.indd Healthcare SolutionsA Cost Effective Path to TransformingPaper into Digital InformationDespite all the talk about digital information the healthcare industry still reliesheavily on paper documents EOBs claims correspondence medical recordssolicitation letters enrollment forms pre-authorizations COBRA payments andother printed materials are the lifeblood of the industry...

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Preprimer running recordsSaksmiddle 2012cip

erly reviewed and approved by the local Board of EducationDocumentation will be maintained on sitebcdefg Indicates LEA Principal Approval based on Assurances listed abovePart I NEEDS ASSESSMENT- SUMMARY OF DATAProvide a brief description of the planning process including how teachers will be involved in decisions regarding the use of state academic assessmentsand other data sources in order to pro

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Preprimer running recordsFluency Packet Long By Lois

smoothcontinuous automatic using expression good flow no stumbling emphasis in correct spotsnoticing punctuation and only three responded that fluency increases comprehension however whenasked directly how much they think fluency affects comprehension they overwhelmingly agreed thatit was important 10 to very important 18Teachers said that they monitor fluency progress frequently daily weekly 25

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Preprimer running records4th Grade List W Levels Houghton Mifflin grade List w leve...ton Mifflin.pdf

Lexile and Running Records of Houghton Mifflin Reading Stories.xls Houghton Mifflin 4th Grade Literature List With LevelsGrade Title Author Level Lexile Spache DRP Location4 Akiak Robert J Blake M 530 3 8 49 1 Anthology4 Tom s and the Library Lady Pat Mora M 400 3 5 45 1 Anthology4 Grandfather s Journey Allen Say N 620 3 9 50 2 Anthology4 My Name Is Mar a Isabel Alma Flor Ada N 790 4 4 53 3 Anthol...

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Preprimer running recordsYear 3 Teaching And Assessment

Year-3-Teaching-and-Assessment English Unit 1 Unit 1 Monitoring 2Analysing and creating a persuasive textStudents read view and analyse digital and There is no summative assessmentwritten persuasive texts They complete a of student learning in this unitrunning record and reading comprehension and Monitor student progress andwrite short persuasive texts throughout this unitUnit 2 Unit 2 Exam test 9...

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Preprimer running recordsAcvpr

d in golfThe Acushnet Company has long been the trusted steward of two of golf s most revered and iconic brands and hasperpetuated the longest Running Records of golf equipment success in the game said Wally Uihlein Chairman andChief Executive Officer Acushnet Company The Fila Korea and Mirae group understands and appreciates our golfindustry leadership passionate associates and unique and endurin

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Preprimer running recordsAssessment And Reporting Policy and Reporting Policy...ting Policy.pdf

Aldgate Primary School Assessment and Reporting Policy – DRAFT FOR DISCUSSION ALDGATE PRIMARY SCHOOLASSESSMENT AND REPORTING POLICYLearning together for a sustainable futureAssessment at Aldgate PS is used to inform teaching and learning A system of data collection that includes School Entry Assessment Running Records Term OneAustralian Council for Education Research ACER tests in Maths and Engl...

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Preprimer running recordsHelpingyourchildlearnread Parenttipsheet

it correctly ask him or her toTry again or ask What word would make sense or say Look at the picture If your child stillcannot read the word correctly after two different prompts say the word and ask him or her torepeat it Continue with the readingc Praise When your child reads the difficult word correctly praise him or her for reading the wordwithout help3 Choose books that are interesting to yo

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Preprimer running recordsWl Follow Up Coaching Checklist

ith icons and visuals TPR story-asking teacher read aloud think aloud TPR circling DVDs SmartBoard PowerPoint TPR recurrent action grammar Interacting with the Lesson Developing Listening and Speaking Proficiencypoetry songs games skits and chants process grid as a pre-write for expository text cooperative learning projects presentations T-graph for social skills cooperation respectpicture fi

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Preprimer running recordsEarly Years Literacy Policy

year fourThe school will appoint a trained Early Years coordinator who is required to oversee andcoordinate all aspects of the program provide support and direction to others when needed andorganise professional development as requiredThe school will provide an uninterrupted 2-hour literacy block per day for all participatingclassesReading Recovery will be provided for year 1 students who require

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